Community Church Multipliers’ sole purpose for existence is to make disciples by planting churches. Community Church Multipliers (CCM) will champion the multiplication of churches who share a “more people more like Jesus” DNA.

we share a mission

"to see more people become more like Jesus."

we share a strategy: 

worship. We are changed through worship.

We are changed when we worship God.

community. We mature in community.

In small, ‘life on life,’ relationships we grow, learn, and care for each other.

mission. Serving changes, us and serving changes the world.

Personal transformation at the deepest level comes through acquiring a servant’s heart.  


We believe wholeheartedly that The Church is the hope for the world. We believe that when Jesus Christ gives the instruction of "go and make disciples of all nations", we must do all that we can to help fulfill this instruction. We believe launching people, pastors, and resources to communities that need the good news of the gospel is a must!